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Regal Wings Announces Significant Growth in 1st Quarter of 2019, after having finished 2018 with Record Numbers

The leading luxury airfare provider is now servicing the majority of the  prominent lifestyle, hospitality, vacation, concierge and travel companies in North America.

Brooklyn, New York – April 8th, 2019

Regal Wings announces growth of 33% in the first quarter of 2019 after having celebrated a year of impressive growth in 2018.

After successive years of revenue growth of 35%, Regal Wings closed out 2018 with a record 50% growth. Regal’s travel agency portfolio grew by a whopping 36%, all while retaining their USP of human, personal service. This is an incredible feat in an industry that has become reliant on online market solutions, defined by automated and impersonal pricing models.

“Our travel agent clients and institutional partners know that in the age where digitization and automation are the new norm, working with us allows them to provide the highest-level air booking experience, leaving the logistics and servicing to us,” said Sam Gross, President of Regal Wings.

Discerning clients are recognizing that online travel agencies do not provide the best value in the commercial premium cabin airfare space, and Regal Wings’ unprecedented growth serving an emerging luxury travel marketplace is a reflection of that change.

“We are proud that the majority of the elite lifestyle, travel, accommodation and concierge companies in the US rely on Regal Wings luxury products and services,” said Elliot Schreiber, Chief Commercial Officer.  Despite the plethora of online travel agencies and direct to consumer marketing, travel agents are making a comeback, and Regal Wings is primed to support them for years to come.

Launch of Products & Services

Internal Platform

The company has recently launched a proprietary cutting-edge technology platform, two-years in the making, to support its ever-growing demand and underpin Regal Wings’ travel agency portfolio. The new platform titled Regal OnBoard manages all processes, client information and accounts, giving travel agents quicker turnaround time and commissions. It is also white-label capable, making Regal Wings more efficient in a market that is recognizing the value of a more personal airfare supplier when compared to the not-so-great fares readily available online.

Remote Agent

Additionally, Regal Wings successfully launched a ground breaking white-label service titled Remote Agent by Regal Wings. This new service enables elite, membership-based luxury travel partners to focus on the retail side of travel servicing by taking advantage of Regal Wings luxury air specialists on-site.

About Regal Wings:

Regal Wings has been at the cutting edge of B2B air consolidation since 2006 and is the leading provider of luxury airfare services in North America, serving more than 5,000 travel professionals annually. Named in the Inc. 500 as the fastest growing travel company in the United States two-years running, Regal Wings is the travel specialist’s first choice when it comes to luxury air servicing, and offers agencies access to the lowest wholesale fares on premium cabin airfare. Our passion for personal service and our commitment to enhancing the lives of those who provide retail travel services defines our business on all levels. For more information call 888.734.2594, or visit

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