How this Training is Structured

How this Training is Structured:

Digestible ‘Parts’

Right brained? Left brained? It makes no difference. We broke this training down into oh-so-easy-to-follow segments.

There are three ‘parts’, and each part is further divided into chapters.

Let’s start with a quick overview:

Part 1: Airfare Industry Overview

This part includes chapters that teach you the basics: What’s the industry process? How do the various airfare distribution models work? What is ‘GDS’? Pros may already know a lot of this stuff. Beginners are well on their way to becoming pros by reading it.

Part 2: The Luxury Air Niche

Get under the hood (or wing?) by honing in specifically on the ‘luxury’ air sector. In many ways, it’s similar to general consolidation, but the income potential and value proposition are immensely larger. Understanding these nuances will make all the difference toward your success.

Get to know cabin configurations, seat specs, airline routes and details. We share the basics, and leave you with resources for further learning and reference.

Part 3: Selling Luxury Air

This is perhaps the most important section. You are already armed with all the technical knowledge. Now we teach you how to put that all to work with the ‘when/where/how’ of selling luxury international airfare. We teach you both how to respond to requests for airfare, as well as how to pitch and solicit the sale.

As with any industry, there are specific processes and platforms used to procure and deliver air travel bookings. This section walks you through the entire booking process step-by-step.

Once the sale is complete, your job is basically done… But what happens when your client needs to make changes or cancellations? What if there are unforeseen emergencies or the airline changes flight details?

The need to service clients after the booking is par for the course and extremely common.

The good news is that the vendors and airlines are on top of it and they will take care of almost every type of scenario. All you need to know are some basics, and how to communicate between your clients and the supplier.

Certification Process

Congrats! You are now a Luxury Air Specialist!
Let’s make it official. We have built a simple and intuitive test, and we invite you to complete this final step in your quest to conquer the skies. All it takes is about 15 minutes. This section will provide you with complete test instructions, as well as how to use our certification seals and badges on your marketing materials.

That’s it – now get out there and celebrate!