A short summary of what this training will teach you

Welcome, and may we say – congratulations! You have chosen – or are exploring – a voyage into a wonderful and exploding travel niche: the world of luxury air travel. Some of you may already be seasoned travel agents. Others may have some rudimentary experience. Or, you may even be completely new to the travel industry.

Regardless of your industry background, we have developed a cutting edge, easy to follow curriculum that will educate pros and newcomers alike.

Of course we will cover the basics: industry flows and processes, how to sell, when to sell, and how to make money. And for the savvy agents, we will also cover some deeper dives into the waters (or is it skies?) of GDS, booking platforms, consolidation, etc. We guarantee that even the most experienced amongst you will learn things you never knew, and propel your expertise to a whole new level!

Our goal is simple: We want to give you a running jump into this amazing and lucrative field. By the time you finish this short training you will be armed and ready.

Best of all, by completing the certification process we offer, at the end of the training, you will become certified as an ‘expert’, thus giving you a huge edge with your clients.

And it doesn’t end there. You can always refer back to this material to refresh your knowledge or as a reference to answer any quick queries. ‘Experts’ need resources… and this is yours!