New routes began Winter 2019 and summer 2020

Lufthansa began offering many new long-haul destinations including 11 new routes from North America.

Seats in Economy Class and Premium Economy Class will be available on all flights booked via Lufthansa and, from mid-March 2020,* you will also have the choice of Business Class seats. Although Business Class seats can be booked immediately

In October of 2019, Lufthansa had been flying from Frankfurt am Main to Windhoek, to Las Vegas and to the Caribbean island of Barbados. Beginning in the summer of 2020, passengers will be able to fly to Las Vegas and Orlando from Munich as well as travel from Frankfurt to Anchorage in Alaska or Phoenix in Arizona.

Also, beginning in the summer of 2020, Lufthansa will be flying from Dusseldorf to other attractive long-haul destinations regular flights to New York. Miami and Fort Myers . In addition, from 29 March 2020 a connection to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic will feature in the timetable.