Regal Wings | Net vs Commission

Net Commission
Definition NET is a travel industry abbreviation for negotiated; these fares are given exclusively to consolidators by the airlines based on large volume. While the full retail/published fare is charged, commission is paid by the airline to the travel agent. The commission varies, and increases to us based on our larger volume.
Regal Wings Savings In most cases the lowest fares are NET fares; thus we always attempt to get you this. While they are not as strong as NET fares, they do work out better when published fares are low. Regardless we aim to deliver the highest percentages.
Why Regal Wings? The lowest NET fares ALWAYS guaranteed. Commission rates vary by airline & destinations, we make sure to always get you the highest commissions.
Payments and Charges For net fare tickets the total discounted charge will appear on the client’s credit card in the form of a charge from the airline or by our credit card processor under the label travel services. For discount published tickets a charge will be shown from the airline the passenger is flying as the full retail amount with an immediate credit of the discount offered.